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Angel's Wing: A Year In The Skies of Vietnam

• 0-910155-45-3, $16.95

A powerful, honest, unforgettable glimpse into the events of combat and the compassionate character of the young men flying the skies during the Vietnam War.

The Eisenhower Legacy: Discussions of Presidential Leadership

• 0-910155-21-6, $16.95

The highlights of the exciting and sometimes surprising discussions that resulted from an extraordinary gathering of former cabinet and staff, jouralists, and historians who met to examine anew the pivotal years of President Eisenhower's leadership.

Crinkum, Crankum

• 0-910155-35-6, $28.95

A thriller that takes a sharp twist into surreality, this is an unusual, funny yarn that plunks the traditional novel on its spine.

The Third Third: Seeing the World through Rose-colored Bifocals

• 0-910155-17-8, $16.95

You will enjoy, as so many loyal readers of Claire Mitchel's column in The Miami Herald, how each story helps turn seemingly mundane experiences into special joys. As demonstrated by Mitchel's witty, incisive writing, the term "senior citizen" now has a new and positive meaning.

Capon Valley Sampler: Sketches of Appalachia from George Washington to Caudy Davis

• 0-910155-14-3, $14.95

A Unique appreciation of a remarkable place and of people living in this enthralling valley, where human purpose remains cradled in nature's special kindness.

Chocolates for the Pillows, Nightmares for the Guests: The Failure of the Hotel Industry to Protect the Traveling Public from Violent Crime

• 0-910155-25-9, $12.95

There is something inherently wrong about the triumph of aesthetics over the substance of security for the hotel guest; this book is about that failure—the failure to provide reasonable care to protect hotel patrons from harm at the hand of violent criminals.

America Twice Betrayed: Reversing 50 Years of Government Security Failure

• 0-910155-32-1, $23.50

Author George P. Morse describes, with an astute insider's intimacy, the destruction of the government's defense against espionage by its own people.