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Before Us Lies the Timber : The Segregated High School of Montgomery County, Maryland, 1927-1960

• 0-910155-40-2, $24.95

Before Us Lies the Timber tells the complete story of a single high school, first known as Rockville Colored High School. The result of aggressive determination and tireless persistence by local Black leaders, Rockville Colored High School became the first high school in the county for African-American boys and girls eager to continue their education.

Pupils: An Eye Opening Account of Medical Practice Without Standards

• 0-910155-49-6, 17.95

Pupils will open your eyes to the risks you take as a patient while your doctors, quite free to act entirely on their individual discretion, administer to your medical and surgical needs. It will open your eyes to how doctors, either through arrogance, carelessness, or indifference, feel they can act with impunity.

The Battle for Dung Hill

• 0-910155-51-8, $7.95

What can we say? This book stinks.

Granny's Lost Her Marbles

• 0-910155-52-6, $7.95

Granny wasn't feeling well. Nothing a little electroshock therapy couldn't fix.

An Ear in Provence: Listening to the French

• 0-910155-53-4, $7.95

The author goes in search of Van Gogh's severed ear... and finds it.

Gone Berserk: Runturing in Reykjavik

• 0-910155-54-2, $7.95

No one's ever the same after a trip to the House of the Blue Bay.

My Summer Vacation: A Weekend In Jersey

• 0 0-910155-55-0, $7.95

A visit to the shore unlike any you've seen.