Untangling the Web

A Thinking Person's Guide to Why the Middle East is a Mess and Always has Been

Ori Z. Soltes

ISBN 978-0910155-84-7

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“Ori Soltes navigates through the tangled web of Middle Eastern history and politics with grace and remarkable sharpness of analysis. The book takes the reader deep into the history and psyche of both Arabs and Israelis and provides a heartfelt account of their sufferings and aspirations. He demonstrates not only a refined understanding of the matter at hand, but also deep empathy with both sides and sensitivity to their fears and hopes.

A true call to common sense that could benefit anyone, from casual readers to policy makers.”

— Ermal Hitaj Board Member, Rumi Forum, Washington, DC Former Director, Center for Democracy and Human Rights

“Soltes provides a readable summary of Middle East history as the story of the birth and crossroads of the diverse forms of the “Abrahamic” religions, usefully explaining how this religious dimension figures substantially into present political, social and ethnic entanglements, complicating especially recent history. To his credit, he reviews this thickly layered history of a not easily understood region with an eye towards peace and reconciliation.”

— John Borelli Special Assistant to the President, Georgetown University

“Ori Z.Soltes presents a comprehensive and probing analysis of the complexity of the Middle East from a finely tuned historical perspective. The web of new political life and the many complications throughout the region are identified as beginning long before the rise of the Zionist movement and the creation of the State of Israel. The author provides the reader with a critical understanding of the reality that there are no definitive or easy solutions to the political morass defining the region.”

— Rabbi Harold White, Senior Adviser to the Program in Jewish Civilization, Georgetown University

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