Tales Before Midnight

by Ted Mason

ISBN 978-0-910155-61-8

● $12.95

A World of Good and Evil

This remarkable volume of stories from the author of Hostage to Fortune has been produced over a lifetime of writing.

Tales before Midnight explores a wide range of human emotion and events, from a city terrorized by a wild beast to the amusing spectacle of a gang of tree climbers just trying to stay of trouble. There�s the wealthy merchant and his teen-age bride, the Malagasy totocaf in Beethoven�s Vienna and the mysterious stowaway who witnesses the guilty deeds of his fellow voyagers-or does he? A young and imaginative writer gets an early lesson in prejudice and censorship. A columnist tries to blackmail a crusading senator, a doctor once convicted of euthanasia is asked years later to commit the same act again, and a forgotten French town is liberated by a deserter and experiences close calls in a satirical retrospective of Cold War Europe.

Tales before Midnight rewrites the old adage that �truth is stranger than fiction.� Certainly in these stories, fiction is often truer than truth.

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