Two for Tonight

Pure Romance from L'Auberge Chez François

Jacques E. Haeringer

ISBN 978-0910155-43-4

● $26.95

A natural and wondrous relationship exists between love and food, between the heart and the palate. No truly passionate life is complete without the pleasures that fine food provides.

Imagine a quiet candlelight dinner with the one you love, or a lazy Sunday brunch for two.

The ambiance, the artful preparation, the anticipation of delightful tastes, both familiar and different, all merge together to indulge the senses and help create a complete romantic experience.

Whether it is an exquisite repast featuring rack of lamb or an easy-to-prepare dish like salmon tartar, you will find all the elements in Two for Tonight for a culinary experience that is sure to heat up your relationship.

They know romance at L’Auberge Chez François. Nestled on a quiet back road in Great Falls, Virginia, this French country inn has, since 1976, offered an extraordinary and memorable culinary experience for those fortunate enough to visit. The readers of Washingtonian magazine have acclaimed it their favorite restaurant for sixteen consecutive years. And those same readers have recognized L’Auberge Chez François as the most romantic place to dine in the Washington, D.C. region.

Jacques Haeringer, François’s eldest son and chef de cuisine at L’Auberge Chez François will show you how to bring that same sensual experience to your own home. Add sparkle to your love life, make a special occasion unforgettable, impress a charming new friend.

With Jacques’s guidance, your meals will be wholesome and nourishing. Using the purest ingredients will not only result in better tasting and more nutritious cuisine, but enhance the vitality and stamina needed for a vibrant life.

Two for Tonight is about more than just good food. Rather than prepare the entire meal in advance, bring your special someone into the kitchen and put the finishing touches together right before their eyes–the same way a fine restaurant prepares your meal. Everything will look and taste its freshest.

Complement the mood by invoking exciting locales and anecdotes of interesting and even erotic foods. You will find all this inside Two for Tonight.

Add a little wine and a touch of your own imagination, and you are ready to explore the endless romantic possibilities.