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Under Three Empires

ISBN 978-0-910155-65-6

● $14.95

Under Three Empires speaks to the resiliency of humanity and the ultimate triumph of kindness, courage, and love.

The Ambassador’s Daughter

ISBN 978-0-910155-64-9

● $23.95

1380 B.C. In the streets of Wassukkanni, the capital of Mitanni, a beautiful slave lies dead.

When Mommy Had a Mastectomy

ISBN 978-0-910155-60-1

● $14.95

How can a child understand what a mastectomy and reconstruction are all about? Here is a book for children that addresses such questions in a simple, clear manner.

Beyond Dancing

A Veteran's Struggle, A Woman's Triumph

ISBN 978-0-910155-50-2

● $23.95

By accepting tender guidance, but not dependence, WWII Veteran Anita Bloom fulfilled her dream of personal freedom, reminding us that the worthiest battles are seldom fought alone.

Snake Oil

Life's Calculations, Misdirections, and Manipulations

ISBN 978-0910155595

● $12.95

The gyp, hoodwink, shuck, sandbag: An artform that has been passed down through generations of hustlers, con men, and freaks.

In the Court of the Queen

ISBN 978-0-910155-42-7

● $23.95

In 2000 B.C. in the land of Ur, a maiden to the queen and her betrothed learn lessons about the politics of survival, the power of the gods, and the importance of friendship.

A Spy for Hannibal

ISBN 978-0-910155-33-5

● $21.95

The story of Hannibal’s famous march blended with a dramatic and fascinating look at both Carthage and Rome in 219 B.C.

Der Payatz

Around the World with Yiddish Theater

ISBN 978-0-910155-28-1

● $24.95

In his autobiography, Herman Yablokoff the showman stages a vivid recreation of his times.

Lower Than Angels

A Memoir of War and Peace

ISBN 978-0910155-24-3

● $19.95

A raw and powerful portrayal of an American in Paris in the 20s who could not overcome the trauma of war, and survived with a veneer of cynicism aided by the bottle.

Hostage to Fortune

ISBN 978-0-910155-38-0

● $12.95

Ambassador Hal Potter was once a professor and an expert of French Colonialism. Now he will need all his knowledge—and diplomatic skill—to hold his fractious team together in the face of the dangers that threaten to destroy them